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Paper forms. Fax transmissions. Phone calls back and forth. Once upon a time, these were the tools of productivity - but times have changed. Digitization of processes has empowered healthcare practices overnight. But what about you? Don’t get left behind using traditional tools; instead, connect to the future of healthcare: connect to Auxita and stay ahead of what's next in healthcare.

How can we help you?

Drive efficiencies using automation

Gather data and insights

Connect disparate stakeholders for seamless communication

Manage workflows and provide automatic updates

Centralize management

What are some of your company's challenges?

No matter what role your company plays, Auxita is here to help you reap the benefits of a seamless digital approach - so you can connect with HCP's in a timely manner and do more in less time. Scrap the paperwork and streamline your workflows, so you can discover new efficiencies and untapped productivity and innovation.

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Industry Need to increase efficiencies - in our efforts and time Our operations need streamlining Communication and connecting with stakeholders is a big issue
  • Drive efficiencies for physicians and PSP program staff
  • A single solution that works across your portfolio of products and PSP vendors
  • Support de-centralized programs
  • Insights and reporting across all programs in one place
  • Enhance communication and connectivity with HCP's
PSP Vendors
  • Automate processes to reduce wait times
  • Enable higher caseload per caseworker
  • Collaborate in one space with physicians and their staff
  • Enhance communication and connectivity with HCP's
Specialty Pharmacy
  • Provide valued enrolment and PA support
  • Provide automatic patient status updates
  • Centralized view of all the physicians, programs and patients supported
  • Connect to multiple PSP vendors
  • Enhance communication and connectivity with HCP's
  • Transition to electronic Prior Authorizations
  • Centralize submissions from PSPs and specialty pharmacy
  • Support automated decisions and configurable workflows
  • Enable direct connectivity and communication with physicians
Industry Partners
  • Open to innovative platform integrations that add value to physician, patient and payer services