Welcome to Auxita: we help the people who help you

Behind every health journey, there’s a team of people who are there to help you reach your goals.

From your family doctor to specialists, from insurance providers to patient support programs: each team member has a role to play in ensuring you get the best care possible. And that’s where Auxita comes in: we connect the dots to help all your healthcare team members work together more efficiently, securely, and seamlessly, so that the process of getting care is easier and faster for you.

Received an invitation from Auxita over email?

No worries. Your doctor is using Auxita to communicate with you. And rest assured, Auxita is a safe and secure digital platform.

How Auxita connects the dots between healthcare team members


Doctors & nurses

Your doctor prescribes you a new medication that will require the help of a patient support program.


Patient Support Program (PSP)

The doctor’s office will fill out the paperwork; with Auxita, this is done within minutes digitally, reaching the PSP the same day, quickly and securely.


Insurance team

Using Auxita, your healthcare team can connect seamlessly with your insurance provider to help you get access to treatment as quickly as possible. Auxita also allows your doctor to communicate directly to request information and provide updates quickly and seamlessly.


Caregivers & family

Auxita ensures you are kept informed with status updates regarding your PSP and insurance coverage. You can also add caregivers and family to your profile, so that they can access updates and communications on your behalf.

Auxita helps you

Get support faster.

Our digital platform enables clinics and patient support programs to communicate and process your enrolment faster – so you can get the support you need in a timely manner.

Get coverage confirmed quickly.

Auxita helps your patient support program (PSP) team do reimbursement navigation and connect to your insurance provider, so your coverage can be confirmed in a matter of days, not weeks.

Stay informed easily.

Communicate with your patient support program (PSP) team and receive updates on the status of your enrolment, coverage, and treatment journey in real-time.

Auxita takes security and privacy seriously.

And that’s why we will always…

Keep your information private and ensure communication between you and your PSP is secure

Work to ensure that your healthcare team, PSP, and you are informed every step of the way

Frequently asked questions

  • You have received an email from Auxita because your physician has enrolled you into a Patient Support Program, via our platform, for your specialty treatment and your consent is required to proceed with the enrolment.
  • Having an account is optional; if you prefer, you can simply complete your consent. But there are benefits of having an Auxita account:
    • You can get updates on the status of your enrolments and reimbursement coverage
    • You can securely communicate with your PSP team using Auxita
  • Your PSP coordinator or physician can re-send your consent directly
  • Patients can send secure messages directly to their Patient Support Program contact. Auxita currently does not support Physician to Patient secure communication.
  • Auxita must collect some aspects of your Personal Health Information (PHI) and identifiable data in order to provide our services. However, our solution uses encryption for data in motion and at rest to ensure access to this data is protected from exposure to unauthorized 3rd parties. Only the necessary information is transferred to our platform, and we only collect what we need nothing more. Details to what we specifically collect are detailed in both our Privacy Policy and our EULA.