Work with patients, not paperwork.

Reshape your practice with Auxita:

the digital platform that connects clinics, patients, insurance providers, and patient support programs (PSPs) together – securely and seamlessly – to deliver care faster, and better.

Everything you need in a single platform

Specialty treatment made simple and secure – to make your practice even better

We get it: administrivia is a burden. But with Auxita, it’s as quick and easy as 1, 2, 3:


Prescribe Without Worry

With a single click, find all the forms you need - for any biologic you prescribe


Track and Share Easily

Enable all staff to track patients’ treatment journey from enrolment to reimbursement


Be Informed of Insurance Decisions

Automatic alerts let you know right away on insurance coverage, providing you peace of mind

From prescription to coverage in days, not weeks

Reshape your practice by…

Finding everything you need – all in one place.

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Eliminating paperwork and reducing phone calls

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Giving you back time to focus on patients, not paperwork

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Security is not a feature – it’s a commitment

At Auxita, reshaping healthcare practices never comes at the expense of safeguarding patient privacy

PIPEDA, PIPA, and PHIPAA compliant

Best-in-class data encryption and cyber protection testing

Your data will never be sold and will never be shared without express consent

How can Auxita reshape your busy practice?

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