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Why Auxita

Auxita is an easy-to-use, EMR-integrated platform designed by physicians. By analyzing your patient data against unbiased, peer-reviewed clinical guidelines, it turns information into valuable insights — saving you time and optimizing revenue.

Our platform fits within your existing workflow and integrates directly with your EMR, reducing the administrative burden of running your practice and helping you make quick, informed decisions for patients.

  • Save Time
  • Maximize Revenue
  • Enhance Patient Experience
  • Stay Informed

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Designed by Physicians

Auxita’s platform has been designed for healthcare providers like you and can grow and change along with your needs over time.


Free to Use

The Auxita you know and love today is free to use, and we are committed to creating future features so valuable you’ll want to pay for them.



It is our promise to always be transparent. Even though we receive funding from industry partners - which enables us to provide you with the tools you need at no cost - we will always remain unbiased with evidence-based data. No matter what.


Safe and Secure

Taking care of patients means taking care of their data. We get that. Auxita uses third-party risk analyses, rigorous internal processes, and best-in-class security to make sure your medical records are safe and secure.

This is just the beginning.

We’re on a mission to empower physicians to do more of what matters. Are you ready to help us shape the future of healthcare?

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