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How does Auxita Work?


Guideline Analysis
& Visualization

  • Auxita performs automated guideline analysis and calculations to keep you informed
  • Flags patients needing further testing to complete diagnosis
  • Engages patients with easy to understand visuals and scenario calculators

Incentive Management

  • Sends automated alerts in real-time to maximize available incentives
  • Delivers notifications directly to your administrative team to prompt patient follow-up
  • Systematically tracks preventative care eligibility

Support Program Recommendations

  • Access relevant programs to support patient adherence to treatment plans
  • Simplified enrollment eliminates the need to complete cumbersome forms or connect to third-party sites
  • Provide vital support to newly diagnosed patients with educational, lifestyle and behavioural management tools

Clinical Trial Identification & Enrollment

  • Auxita tracks trials and analyzes eligibility criteria so that you don’t have to
  • Automated alerts present you with only the most relevant trials and new treatment options for your patients
  • Streamlines access and enrollment to world-class clinical research

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