At Auxita, we follow doctors’ orders.

Our Story

Auxita was founded on the realization that mom was right – the doctor knows best. We may have first heard these words as children, but it took years working in health technology for the lesson to sink in. Time and time again, we saw the disconnect: software used to track patient health worked well in theory, but the reality of busy doctor’s offices was a whole different story.

Some programs were too complex; others lacked flexibility. Some were too specialized; others were too general. Innovative doctors were spending significant amounts of time and money just testing out these systems, and the disappointment was evident.

It was time to deliver what the doctor ordered. And to do that, we had to partner with doctors themselves to understand what they really needed to run an effective practice.

Auxita is a true marriage of technology and medical knowledge. Yes, our team is full of developers who spend their days furiously coding and testing programs. But those developers are fuelled by feedback from doctors offices across Australia and Canada (as well as a few cups of coffee – we’re juggling quite a few time zones over here!).

We built our software to make sense for real doctors. We don’t just talk our way around user feedback – we listen and make our systems better. Our sales process isn’t a pitch and purchase, it’s a continuous collaboration. And forget that massive upfront investment or big software overhaul – Auxita is free to try and integrates seamlessly with your EMR for easy, quick implementation.

We figured out what it means to listen to doctors’ orders – and we have to say, the test results look pretty great.

We couldn’t do it without the help of our advisors.

Dr. Barry Dworkin

Medical Advisor

Faud Khan

Privacy and Security Advisor

Auxita is a software company that listens. We listen to doctors, to patients, to tech experts – to anyone who can move us forward to the next generation of medical technology.


Let’s simplify healthcare together.

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